Purple Plaid Dress & Chartreuse Cardigan and Sash - Unique Color Combination for a Pinup Style Plus Size Outfit for Work

Purple Plaid Dress with Chartreuse Cardigan ootd pin up style plus size outfit for work

Cute, Bright Colored Pin Up Style Plus Size Outfit for Work with Purple Plaid Dress and Chartreuse Cardigan and Sash

This is an eye catching outfit because of my use of opposite colors on the color wheel: bright purple with chartreuse yellow. The two colors are bright on their on but really pop when juxtaposed. ("Juxtaposed" is my FAVORITE WORD EVER, by the way.)

color wheel with chartreuse and fuchsia circled
The colors of this outfit come from opposite sides of the color wheel

The dress is from Wal-Mart but I don't remember when I bought it or why I was there. I don't usually shop at Wal Mart. I've certainly got my $10 clearance rack use out of it. Sweater from the Marshalls near Fenway Park because I needed a last minute sweater for the game and that one was on clearance for $5. Sash is a scarf that was a gift, I think from my friend Rene, along with the circle pendant necklace. Hair stuff from the dollar store. I posted about this outfit's melange of gift and cheap pin up fashion accessories here.

It's got an everyday kind of pin up flair to it with the Bettie bangs, curled hair and rosette. I posted about how I did my super easy pin up hairstyle here