Ideas for Sexy Curvy Woman Pin Up Style Brown and Pink Plus Size OOTD with Cardigan and Sweetheart Top

Sex Pin Up Outfit for Plus Size with brown swing pencil skirt and sweetheart floral print top with pink accents

Sweetheart Top and Swing Pencil Skirt Sexy Pinup Style Outfit in Shades of Brown and Pink 

I need more sweetheart cut collar tops, it's the cutest little detail and well flattering. I bought it at Boomerangs thrift store. The skirt is from Marshalls. The cardigan was from now defunct odd lot store Building 19. The belt is from Martha's Vineyard. The bow is from New Orleans at a craft fair. So this outfit comes from a lot of different type of sources. The elements work together because the color coordination really pulls it together. I'm mixing floral with stripe on top but the colors are coordinating so it works really well. I love that flashy bright pink. I have a few choice accessories that match that way (thick bangle, woven belt and pink bow) so it's fun to add them wherever they may work, and I love pink with brown.

I wrote about the cute pinup accessories in this post.