My Goal for This Birthday: "Bridget Eileen: The World's First Ageless Goddess Plus Size Pin-Up Super Model"

Bridget Eileen The World's First Ageless Goddess Plus Size Pin Up Super Model
I promise to never say dumb things like, 
"Women over 30 should never wear miniskirts." 

Bridget Eileen: The World's First Ageless Goddess Plus-Size Pin-Up Super Model (someday)

It was my birthday on Thursday! Yay! Another year. And I don't subscribe to the concept of age, so no need to identify what it is. I feel the same as I did ten years ago, but with more confidence, self-knowledge, and a more deliberate style.

My goal for this birthday is to become the world's first ageless-goddess plus-size pin-up super model. Ha! (Wouldn't that be amazing?) If you'd like to support my cause, follow my plus size pin up bargain hunter blog and share it with friends!

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Sharing the Wealth from My Lucrative Imaginary Niche Super Model Career

With my riches I will buy a tiny cottage in the neighborhood, start a small press publishing all the good poetry and thoughtful prose of the smart people whose work I love, and open a non-profit for sex positive sex education to ameliorate the damage of a decade and a half of abstinence only baloney. Good goals, right?! Who's with me?

If only, if only. Until then, back to the grind! My vacation was fun and I'll have posts about all the cultural and fun stuff I did during it in the coming days. Stay tuned and thanks for the support!