Leopard Print and Polka Dots Plus Size Pin Up Bikini

Sex Pin Up Plus Size Bikini BBW with Leopard Print and Polka Dots

Glam Witch Style: Swimsuit Edition - Leopard Print and Polka Dot Bikini with Turquoise Accents, Sexy Plus Size Pin Up Pattern Mix 'n Match Swimsuit 

Oh la la! I love this pairing. It "almost" doesn't work because blue polka dots and leopard print really clash but the fact that the hip straps and top straps are the same color, pulls it all together.

The bottoms were from the clearance rack at Old Navy. The top was a hand-me-down from a roommate, kind of. She was going to donate it because she didn't think it fit her anymore, so I took it, even though she's definitely thinner than I am. Ha! 

I'm using my "slight of hand" trick again up top. AKA the Big of Boob trick, in which one with a large cup size, in this case "H," wears a significantly smaller cup top, a "B, to draw attention that way and accentuate the features that one likes to show off. Tee hee.

For other Body Positive SwimsuitSpiration, see the following stunning role model Plus Size Models. Your beach body already exists! Exactly as you are. Just eat your 5-a-days and be as joyful as possible that you are alive and you can go swimming. (I kinda live for swimming.) Or can lounge on a beach or whatever it is that you love to do in the summer.

Georgina Horne https://www.instagram.com/fullerfigurefullerbust/ 
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So, my friends, this will be my final post for a few days, as I'll be on vacation bopping around New England next week. 

I may post around next Thursday, in celebration of making it another glorious year (and looking *fabulous* to boot!)

Enjoy your summer time frolicking!

PS I am relentlessly, deliberately positive on this fun DIY cheap pin up fashion blog of mine. No matter the despair we may encounter. I have to be. The alternative is to let the negative of the world win. I am, however, a self-described "political pin up poet" and have more to say about current events on my Commonplace Book blog. http://bridgeteileen-commonplacebook.blogspot.com/