How To Do PinUp Style Long Hair in Soft Curls Redhead Pin Up Hairstyle with Bettie Bangs

redhead soft curl long hair pin up hairstyle how to

Redhead Pin Up Hairstyle with Long Red Hair, Soft Curls and Betty Bangs How-To

Oh la la fancy schmancy Nancy! I had just dyed my hair and trimmed my bangs (something I have to do soon again!) so I also took the time to do a pretty pinup hairdo, too. For tutorials I like on the web on how to trim your own Bettie Bangs, see my previous posts. 

Preparing Hair for Curling

This takes a medium level of time to do. It's not a quick bun and bangs, like I often do on work days, but it doesn't take hours! I'd say about 20 minutes. My hair is about medium thickness and body. It may take less or more time to do depending on how your hair is.

First I blew it dry with the hair dryer, using my usual products: I use a leave-in conditioner, the pomade on the tips, plus a light gel all over. I part my hair in the middle and comb through it all then blow it out.

Long Hair, Soft Curls - How To

After I blow my hair dry thoroughly, I get to curling. I spray my dry hair with a strong hold hairspray and let it dry. With the curler at medium heat, I part each side into the three sections. I set the tongs in the middle of the section and pull down with a deliberate but not too firm grip, almost like a hair straightener. Then I wrap the hair around the curler to make the curl. While it's in the curl I spray again and wait. I wait about a minute, if not more. Have your phone or some water (or grown up beverage) or something nearby so you can be well occupied as you wait. I repeat that for each section on each side.

Curling Bettie Bangs

At medium heat level, I curl each side. Then I do the top layer of the middle part of my bangs. Then the bottom layer -- CAUTION doing this though! Be careful not to burn your forehead. (Totally have done that because I'm a serious klutz. After that, I brush out the hard curls of the bangs with a thin round hair brush, then pat into that famous U-Shape and spray.

Finishing Touches

When it's all done, I spray again. I do not brush or comb it out. I might use my finger to gently let the curls loosen but mostly they loosen by me walking around and being a human and not a pin up bot. Hahaha. Anyway, it's a really pretty hairstyle and one I wear when I have the luxury of time, which isn't often.