Pin Up Bikini w/ Leopard Print Top & Pink Vintage Cut Bottoms - a plus size swimsuit outfit

Mixed Print Plus Size Bikini with Rockabilly Style Leopard Print Top and Vintage Cut High Waist Pink Bottoms

Vintage Bridge: Swimsuit Edition - Mixed Print Pin Up Style Bikini with String Leopard Print Rockabilly Top and Vintage Cut Pink Bottoms

More plus size bikini selfies to promote "Swimsuits for All" #swimsuitsforall and "My Swin Body" #myswimbody. Hm. I think I like low cut waist with string top bikini and well-supporting bikini top with vintage high waist more as two piece swimsuits, but this is still pretty cute. Just a few more swim days left before it gets too darn cold again for that business. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted!

Mixed Print Pin Up Style Plus Size Two Piece Swimsuit Outfit Details

I talked about the vintage high waist bottoms from in the previous post. And the top is from Target, a mere B cup, but that's fine. It's nice to have a skimpy swimsuit top sometimes, especially when just lounging in the sun.d