Bridget Eileen in Mix Print Blue Plus Size Bikini because women should wear whatever they please at the beach

Vintage Bridge Swimsuit Edition: Mix Print Blue Plus Size Bikini, Because We Should ALL Wear What We Please When We Go to the Beach -- Size XL Bikini, Burkini, 1920 Swim Dress, Skimpy String Bikini, Mommy Tankini WHATEVER WE WANT

Can you tell I'm furious as all hell about the current burkini controversy? Plus size Bikinis for Burkinis - because we should all wear what we please. This is what I mean about fashion never being just about fun and expression -- there's often politics involved. Not only is it sexist, bigoted and prejudice against a religion, it is STUPID AS HELL because banning Muslim women, or super pale women, or other women who are more comfortable being modest, who want to dress head to toe covered at the beach, from wearing a burkini DEFINITELY DOESN'T SOLVE THE TERRORIST THREAT of shitty asshole so-called fundamentalist PSYCHOPATHS from being shitty asshole psychopaths. In fact, it just further stokes the flames, and widens the divide, which is their aim. Good job, racist French laws, way to be on the same side as Daesh while also forcing women to take their clothes off at the beach. Simone de Beauvoir would be SO PROUD. 

The Lottery of Indecency by LaSauvageJaune

Ah. I feel a bit better and I hope adding my voice to the loud chorus of "oh hellllll no"'s aroudn the world helps. Now to the more typical post.

Mix Print Plus Size Bikini Outfit Details

The bottoms are paisley and from Old Navy. They're really cute and we only $8 but this is a "lay out in the sun" bottom, not a "run around and swim like a mermaid" bottom, because the string tied sides don't keep them securely up as well as one would hope.

The top I've posted about before is from Bare Necessities, size 36H, clearance sale. I think this fall, I'm going to look for more 36H tops and for high waist size 14 bottoms. I like the high waist bikini bottoms the most. Very snug and I'm an active swimmer at the beach.