I Love My Pink & Black Polka Dot Plus Size Swimsuit with Pin Up Flare

Pink Polka Dot One Piece Sexy Retro Style Plus Size Swimsuit

Vintage Bridge: Swimsuit Edition - My Cute One-Piece Pink and Black Polka Dot Pinup Swimsuit

I got this from TJ Maxx.I got it from the clearance rack for around $20. It's really comfortable and very pretty. The colors are great! 

The Trouble with Size 12 and Up Swimsuits and Large Cup Size 

What I like the most are the straps. When it comes to one-piece swimsuits, if the straps are too thin and the cups for the top are too small, the weight of your boobs and the pull of the suit at your crotch can really make the straps dig in. That's why I've switched to wearing two pieces and bikinis more often. But this one is great because the cup size is roomy enough and the straps are sturdy and thick, so there's no harsh pulling down. 

The Cut of the Swimsuit

They also cut the pink and white fabric in a spot further to the front, making a really flattering line . I've had this suit for a while now, so I don't wear it all the time to make sure it can keep lasting. I don't know when I'll find one this cute and flattering and comfortable again. But if you go looking, I suggest one like this with thick straps, darker fabric in back and light, cute print and front and a little bit of ruching on the side.