The Cure for the Anti-Thigh-Gap Chafing in Summer: how plus size thigh chafing can be avoided in summer time

Roll on deodorant and body powder to prevent thigh chaffing while wearing a skirt or dress in humid weather

The Cure for the "Anti-Thigh-Gap" Chafing in Summer - How to Deal with Thighs That Rub Against Each Other When Wearing a Skirt of Dress, for Typical / Plus Size Dress-Wearers

If you're in the weight range of "typical" or heavier, you probably have what I'm calling an "anti-thigh-gap," which is the case for most females. Skirts and dresses are mostly quite comfy in summer because there's more air circulation onto your skin. Guys, or at least the ones who subscribe to male gender norms, don't have this option, poor things. 

However, with no cloth in between your legs in humid weather, you do catch one little problem: you can get some chaffing. 

I asked all kinds of friends how they deal, and this was the solution I came up with: just one little roll on each side of the inner thigh with a tiny bit of powder on top of that. Ouila! No sweating and chaffing. 

These things we never fully address for whatever reason--we need to talk about them and share our good ideas! I'm sure I'm not the only woman in the world who has the opposite of a thigh gap and as a result has encountered this summertime problem. 

Of course another route, and one I find myself taking most often, is wearing some good old fashioned lightweight, breathable leggings. They are useful because often times in summer the indoor environment turns out to be freezing cold with the air conditioning. 

What are your solutions?