Ideas for wearing pastel colored jewelry: "Froot Loop Flavored" Accessories with a Mixed Print Outfit, What I Wore Today (wiwt)

sherbert accessories with black and white stripe banlge bracelet

Fruit Loop Color Accessories in Green, Yellow, Orange and Red with Green Headband and Black and White Bangle Cheap Retro Style Accessories of the Day

More new accessories that were hand-me-downs from my co-worker. I love these 'Froot Loop' flavored accessories (don't they look like mini version of the cereal?). The colors go with a vertical striped skirt I own. I wore that with a horizontal black and white striped top, so I wore the bangle to match that. It was a good way to accessorize with mixed prints, by keep the accessories in like with the color scheme of the outfit.

Sherbert and Black and White Palette Vintage Accessories Details

  • Froot Loop Necklace and Earring Set - hand me downs from a co-worker
  • Cloth headband - Walgreens - 3 for $5
  • Striped bangle bracelet - Claire's - 3 for $10