Stripes w/ Stripes Mixed Print Outfit of the Day (ootd) w/ Pastel Skirt and B&W top, a plus size outfit for work with pin up flair

Mixed Print Striped Top and Striped Skirt Plus Size Outfit for Work in Pin Up Style

Stripes with Stripes Mixed Print OOTD with Pastel Vertical Striped Balloon Skirt and Black and White Cap Sleeve Horizontal Striped Top Pin Up Style Plus Size Outfit for Work (and Super Cute to Boot!)

Oh how I love the mixed print approach to outfit arranging! This one works well because one of the prints is in neutral colors. There's a lot of balance to the outfit, too. The accessories palette of colors goes perfectly with the outfit. And they're alternating, from head to toe "Froot Loop" Pastel/ black/pastel/black etc etc. To be specific: green headband, black hair, pastel necklace and earrings, b&w striped top, pastel skirt, black leggings, green shoes. That's how to make a mixed print outfit "work" for work!

Pin Up for Work Outfit Details - "Stripes with Stripes Mixed Print" 

Top - Target clearance
Skirt, Leggings, Shoes - Old Navy clearance
Headband - CVS