Bargain Price Pinup Outfit for Work Idea: Vintage Style Dress from with Thick Belt and Cardigan

Bridget Eileen in Vintage Style Dress with Cardigan, looking like her grandmother, Eileen

Bargain Hunter Pin Up Style Outfit for Work: Vintage Style Dress from with Purple Cardigan from No Fleas Market Thrift Store and Thick Belt from Consignment Store

I filtered this picture through a black and white filter because it's so vintage, it looks almost authentic, except no one could take selfies in the 1940s. Hahaha. The color photo and outfit details are below but first, a note: I particularly love this picture to post for this week because I think I look so much like my Gramma, who had her [omg 89th? 90th? wha? why don't I know this???] birthday this Monday. 

Bridget Eileen as baby with her grandmother, Eileen and great grandfather

Where I Get (Some) of My Vintage Looks and Part of My Name 
Happy Birthday to Gramma Eileen!

Dark green vintage style dress from and Cardigan in Purple with Thick Black Belt

Cheap Pin Up Style Outfit Details in Purple and Green

  • Vintage style dress from 
  • Cardigan from No Fleas Market Thrift Store in NOLA
  • Silver Necklace with Jade Pendant from Bloomin' Deal Thrift Store in NOLA
  • Thick black belt from (now closed) Full Blossom Chic Consignment in NOLA
  • Leggings and shoes from Old Navy
  • Hair rosette and headband from dollar stores