Ideas for Outfits in New Color Combinations: Light Pink, Forest Green, and Baby Blue Pin Up Style Plus Size OOTD

Light pink ruffle cardigan, dark green tank top and baby blue mini skirt pin up style outfit of the day

Plus Size Pin Up Outfit Idea: Ruffled Light Pink Cardigan, Forest Green Tank Top, Baby Blue Jersey Skirt 

I had brunch with my high school friends on Sunday. Those multichain pink costume pearls are perfect for brunch, don't you think? The necklace is a hand-me-down from my Aunt Betty. 

I thought this color combination up by using the same method as my usual novel color palette outfit ideas: they were pieces of clothing nearby each other in the "clean clothes pile" - hahahaha. 

Let's Talk about Age and Skirt Length

I'm less than two years away from my 40s. And I have awesome legs. I will let no one, and I mean no person on earth, tell me I'm too old to show those babies off. And neither should you. Short skirts like this, that flare out, are so adorable! Especially with a pair of color tights like those comfy grey ones. I do it, and so do other women in their thirties. And it looks awesome. So, all the "rules" that try to shun women for wearing short skirts, need to, in turn, be shunned for their discriminatory and silly message. The age for age positivity is dawning for women, which is bound to happen once a sage crone holds the most powerful position on the planet. 

PSOOTD with Interesting Color Combinations Pinup Style Outfit Details

  • Baby blue jersey flare skirt, forest green tank top and black sequin espadrilles  - Old Navy
  • Cardigan - No Fleas Market, thrift store in New Orleans
  • Tights - TJ Mazz
  • Thick Black Belt - Full blossom Chic consignment, New Orleans
  • Sequin headband - Dollar Tree
  • Pink quartz style bangle bracelet - Blooming Deals, New Orleans thrift store
  • Multi-chain Costume Pale Pink Pearl Necklace - vintage, from my Aunt Betty