Ideas for the Little Black Dress: Accessorizing in Yellow

Little black dress from H and M with yellow accessories

Little Black Dress from H and M with Yellow Cardigan and Accessories

Yellow is interesting to pair with black. It's very Bee Girl-ish! However, I think done this way, it's just a cute styling (not a costume thing). Still, nothing wrong with that Bee Girl. Love me some 90s alt rock references.

The zebra print bracelet was the entire inspiration for this outfit. I got it at Glimpse of Tibet in Martha's Vineyard. I love shopping for accessories while on vacation, because every time you wear the item, you can remember your trip.

That necklace is handmade by me. It was inspired by an episode of "History Detectives" I watched once. It pays, creatively, to be a nerd that way.

Why It Works as a Pin Up Outfit for Work

Many little black dresses are dynamic and can do that thing that the fashion magazines love to put in their pages: the magical day-to-evening look. Ha! But this one really can! It's low cut in the back and shorter in length. So if I wore it with black or nude stockings and no cardigan or a cropped one, then it'd be really sexy. That's exactly what I did with it one New Year's Eve, actually. 

Little Black Dress from H an M for NYE
For this outfit, I wore black leggings, so the dress works more as a tunic than a dress. The soft yellow cardigan makes it very pretty (instead of more vixen evening-ish with it all black in the NYE pic) as do the coordinating yellow headband and belt.

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

As I mentioned, the dress is from H&M. I got it there on after-Christmas clearance for just TEN DOLLARS! And, you better believe, I have gotten my money's worth over the almost 4 years since I purchased it. 

The belt was another bargain fashion piece, from Old Navy. I worked there when I bought it, so I even though it was $4, it was another 20% off for me! 

The cardigan was on clearance at Marshalls for $8.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

Well, this is a form fitting dress. I have my belly to "worry" about, so to speak. I work around that by not pulling the dress tight around my tummy area, but pulling it into a bit a ruched look. I also emphasize my waist by wearing the belt high and tight there - pin up style - to draw attention to that area, rather than just above my hips. 

Yellow and Black Bargain Price Plus Size Pinup Outfit for Work Details

  • Dress - H & M
  • Leggings and belt - Old Navy
  • Cardigan - Marshalls
  • Headband - CVS
  • Bracelet - Glimpse of Tibet in Martha's Vineyard
  • Boots (not shown) - Payless
  • Necklace - handmade by me!