How to "Winterize" a Summer Sundress - a Plus Size Pinup Style Outfit for Work

Summer Sundress for Late Fall - Bright Orange and Green Plus Size Pin Up Outfit for Work

My Three-Dollar Summer Sundress, Warmed Up for Late Fall with $7 Leggings and a $5 Cardigan

I like how this dress reflects the colors in the landscape. The cardigan doesn't perfectly match the red shade flowers at the bottom, but it goes well with them and contrasts with the top green color really interestingly.

Why It Works as a Winterized Sundress Plus Size Pin Up Outfit

Without the leggings and the cardigan this would be too thin for the Fall or Winter. But with those heavy-to-lightweight extra layers it totally works for the season. Plus the colors are the colors we see on the trees, or did until pretty much this past weekend when wintry winds blew the leaves of the trees. In the very cold winter weather, I could wear fleece lined leggings, boots and a heavy cardigan, in a dark color, like eggplant, black or dark brown, and that would make it work for late winter.

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

This is my most bargain hunter outfit I can think of in a while. The green sundress was on clearance for $3 last May. The cardigan was an online return, marked down at the store, $5 at Old Navy. Heyyyyyy. Toot toot! Goes my horn.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips 

You know I love me some thick belt at high waist! It helps accentuate my figure 8 curves.

Winterized aka Late Autumn-ized Summer Sundress as Pinup Style Plus Size Outfit Details 

  • Green sundress, Hampton Beach shop
  • Cardigan, shoes & leggings,  Old Navy
  • Belt, thrift store in NOLA
  • Headband, Dollar Tree
  • Black rosette, Family Dollar
  • Amber and Lime green beaded necklace, handmade gift from my friend Cindy