*Plus Size Pin Up Pantsuit!!!* Outfit of Election Day, Because I'm a Proud NASTY WOMAN

Nasty Woman Plus Size Pin Up Style Pantsuit for Election Day
"Nasty Woman" Plus Size Pin Up Style Pantsuit for Election Day

Election Day Outfit: A Plus Size Pin Up Pantsuit for My Favorite Nasty Woman, Hillary

Happy National Pantsuit Day! Are you a Nasty Woman who is part of Pantsuit Nation? It's been inspiring, hasn't it? If you aren't, get your Facebook friends who are to invite you. It's where we celebrate progress, declare our support for the most famous Pantsuiter -- the Pantsuiter in Chief, if you will -- and support each other, as well.

National Pantsuit Day Outfit Details

Everything is wrought with symbol!

  • A little purple tank showing, to honor the Suffragette Movements of Britain and America
  • "Democrat Blue" dress because I am a die-hard liberal
  • Black blazer and matching leggings, to add the "pantsuit" element. 
  • The costume brooch of my best friend's grandmother to represent her mother, who died 9 years ago and whose birthday is this Friday. 
  • The pewter floral cuff bracelet of my Nana, my mom's mom, who died 15 years ago and whose birthday is also this Friday. 
  • The pink faux pearl necklace of my proto-hippie great Aunt Betty, who died 6 years ago. 
  • In my pocket: a picture of my father holding me in the hospital on the day I was born. As I mentioned in my last post, he died nine years ago this past Sunday. My father said to me, as we drove up to my college before my freshman year for my placement tests twenty years ago, "Matter of fact, the wives of one of these candidates will probably be our first president." He was speaking of the '96 Dole vs Clinton election. NostraDADmus!
  • Also in my pocket, one of many stickers I've received from the campaign, having donated 14 times. 

I'm on Team Hillary Sticker from Hillary Clinton for President, 2016

Why I'm With Her

All Plus Size women, especially those of us who promote body positivity in the fashion and style realm, whether you run a DIY blog, or you're a famous super model, should be against the Republican Candidate. After the Alicia Machado fiasco, you cannot promote your cause and support the offensive representative of the GOP. Also, #ImWithHer because she's fierce, resilient, brilliant, hard-working, and I believe will help get many good things done for this country I love so much.