Ideas for Sexy Plus Size Pin Up Style with Turquoise Cotton Faux Wrap Dress Outfit

Turquoise Faux Wrap Dress Sexy Pin Up Style Plus Size Outfit

Bargain Hunter Turquoise Dress with Faux Wrap Front and Grey/Silver and Black Accessories

Why This Works as a Sexy Plus Size Pinup Outfit

The dress is a very flattering cut for curvy women. The faux wrap in the front has it drape over my lower part nicely. It's on the shorter side, so it shows off my legs well, too. And the cut in the front is a flattering decolletage (which can me made less revealing with a tank underneath, if I want to wear it to work).

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

The dress was from Savers thrift store for $6, total. I got a few dresses the day I got this. The cardigan was $10 at Old Navy and the belt was $5 at a now-closed thrift store in NOLA. The rosettes were a dollar each (2 for $2) at Old Navy.

Sexy Plus Size Pin Up Turquoise Dress Outfit Details

  • Turquoise dress - Savers, $6
  • Grey cropped cardigan & sequin espadrilles - Old Navy, $10 and $5
  • Tights - Target, I think probably $6
  • Belt - Full Blossom Chic, in NOLA, $5
  • Hair rosettes - Family Dollar, $2
  • Costume silver and crystal necklace and earrings - costume jewelry store in Manhattan's Time Square, $10

On A Related Note...about PBS's Gwen Ifill

As I set out to type this, I turned on the news and heard of the untimely death of PBS Newshour Anchor Gwen Ifill. This color turquoise was definitely her power color. She was a kick ass lady.

Gwen Ifill of PBS New Hour
Gwen Ifill
PBS News Anchor and Kick Ass Lady
You can read about her here:

I think every time I wear this color, I will think of her and her groundbreaking work.

One More Aside - on Compartmentalizing for Mental Health

On my arts and culture blog, I wrote a note about how, to keep my spirits up after the election, I was going to compartmentalize my writings, as I had mostly done since I started "Vintage Bridge Style ." I will post about politics and current events and all the other things I usually post about there (literature, the arts, television, movies, poets and poetics) on that site and keep this one to its usual posts about style and what I'm up to in the main categories addressed on this site, though as I've mentioned the existence of this blog is itself a subversive act, since it challenges body standardsageism, and other socialized views on femininity and power.

And now, back to my typical posts!