Yellow Dress with Pink, an Homage to My Prom Dress for My High School Reunion Outfit

Yellow Dress with Ruffled Collar and Pink Belt and Accessories - My Plus Size Pin Up Style outfit for My High School Reunion, an homage to my beautiful prom dress!

Unlike the children of the 80s, many of us after that wild time look back on our formal dresswear and are pleased with our choices, thanks to the Minimalism of the 90s and 00s. For my part, I don't just like what I wore, I absolutely ADORE my prom dress. 

Birdget Eileen as teenager in vintage consginment store prom dress from the 60s

Consignment Store 60's Vintage Formal Yellow Gown for Prom Dress 

Look how beautiful this thing is! I still have it, as well. It's downstairs in the basement in multiple garment bags. I got it at a consignment store for a mere $60. The pink ribbon was not original to the dress. I asked my mother to add it. She did so reluctantly, not thinking it would look good. But then I had these exactly matching platform Mary Janes to go with them and it looked SMASHING. 

I remember walking in--and my girl friends from high school were talking about this as we got ready to head over to our reunion--and parents and students and teachers alike all did that impressed gasping murmur thing when people make an impression as they walk into a room. It is pretty much your dream when you put on a pretty outfit, right? And it TOTALLY happened with that dress. No one had anything like it and I just loved it to pieces.

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up Yellow Vintage Style Dress with Ruffle Collar and Pink Belt

Thrift Store Chartreuse-Yellow Vintage Style Cotton Dress with Ruffle Collar and Swing Skirt Plus Pink Belt - Pin Up Style

With that fond memory in mind, I thought it would be fun to wear the same color palette to my high school reunion this past weekend. I headed to Savers Thrift Store earlier this month and found this gorgeous, comfy and flattering ruffle collar dress with swing skirt for just $10! And my close friend immediately figured out what my inspiration was, which is one of millions of reasons to love them so much.

Bridget Eileen Pin up style make up and bright color accessories

Pin Up Style Accessories and Make Up - for me and my friend going to the reunion!

Of course for special occasions like this, I did full make up, instead of my 5 minute face for daily outfits. And I did my friends' make up, too. Which is so fun. My mother got that necklace with matching earring at the Palmer Art Market in New Orleans. It matched perfectly with my outfit and butterflies are my favorite, so I felt great in my pretty dress and gorgeous accessories.

Yellow Cotton Vintage Style Dress with Pink Belt - Pinup Plus Size Outfit Details

  • Dress - Savers Thirft Store, $10
  • Belt - clothing store on Martha's Vineyard
  • Butterfly Necklace and earrings - Palmer Park Art Market in NOLA
  • Three Rosettes in Pink and Yellow - Family Dollar, $2 
  • Cardigan - gift from Mom from Dress/Cardigan set back in college (for choir performances, actually!)
  • Cherry Print Ballet Flats - Boomerangs, $5