Oh How I Love My Red Plaid Dress from Boomerangs - an adorable, sexy plus size pin up outfit idea

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up in Red Plaid Dress with Shirt Redhead Bob

Plus Size Pin Up Style Red Plaid Dress Sexy Outfit with Tan Cardigan, a PSOOTD from Boomerang's Thrift Store in Boston

This dress is just ADORABLE. I got it at Boomerang's Thrift Store, a small thrift store chain in Boston, whose proceeds go to fund the AIDS Action Committee. http://www.shopboomerangs.org/about-2/

Red Plaid Plus Size Pin Up Style Sexy Outfit of the Day, from Boomerangs

Why It Works as a Sexy Pin Up Plus Size Outfit

When I wear a low cut tank top and just stockings, not leggings and a shirt underneath with a higher neckline, that makes this outfit sexier, rather than a cute outfit for holidays or work. 

Cheap Pinup Fashion Elements

That dress from Boomerang's Thrift Store was such a bargain. I think it was on the clearance rack for some incredibly low price at $5 or $7.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

I don't know about you but I love wearing short skirts. So this dress's medium short hemline is really cute. And the neckline is low cut, but adding the grampa style cardigan keeps the outfit from being over the top (not that over the top is a bad thing, it's just not always necessary on the weekend!)

Red Plaid Dress Sexy Pin Up Plus Size Outfit Details

  • Red Plaid Dress - Boomerangs
  • Tank and Cardigan - Old Navy
  • Tights - Walgreens
  • Boots - Payless