Support for Your Plus Size Bikini (pun!) and Where to Get the Bargains

Cheap Pin Up Fashion BBW Redhead in Blue Striped Retro Style Bikini Size 36H cup from Bare Necessities

Encouragement for Wearing Your Plus Size Bikini and Bargain Hunting Tips for Affordable Swimwear for the Pin Up Style Curvy Woman 

Someone who wears a size 12 to 16 dress may not, under conventional thinking, be prone to sporting a bikini. However, I obviously don't subscribe to conventional thinking. This is what I think about: every time I look back on old photos, I wish I could go tell younger me, "You're so cute! Stop criticizing yourself, you cottonheaded ninnymuggins!" So for the sake of me in my 40s, 50s and 60s I'm going to stop being self-conscious about whatever flaws there may be and be happy with how I am. It makes for a more joyful disposition in day to day living. I suggest we all adopt this approach.

Why Body Positivity at Any Size Should Be Your Mindset

You never know what the future brings. Time and age can be harsh on our bodies. I appreciate my good health and my intact body now because I can't predict what I may yet encounter. Plus, chances are, if you are confident and happy, that does a heck of a lot more for your appearance than any physical aspect. I hear that often from people who follow this website. It's nice, and really good advice! Confidence and a kind smile are the best things to wear! 

Finding a Large Cup Size Bikini Top for a Cheap Plus Size Pin Up Fashion Price

And on another note: Bohemian Budget Alert! At the end of last Fall, I just had a hunch that there'd be some really great clearance deals on swimwear at my go to "big boob bra" store on the interwebs, I was right! This top, which fits *perfectly,* was only $19.99 AND they were having a special on free shipping. Ladies who have the large cup sizes know what a bargain that is. It's not easy to find bikinis and bras in any sizes bigger than DD for less that $50 minimum, usually. To get a 36H bikini top at such a good price, with it's cute retro style stripes and bright blue color, was such a find. But that's how I roll: the life of a bargain hunter. Even the matching blue polka dot bikini bottoms were clearance from Old Navy for $8.

With this in mind, I went to Bare Necessities today and got the prettiest bandeau floral top, which will go very well with some pink bottoms I have from And, again, because I was shopping in clearance on a free shipping day, it only cost me $19.99 TOTAL.

So, if you're looking for flattering pinup style large cup size bikinis, I suggest checking the clearance sales now that it's almost Winter--in stores and online--and don't be afraid to mix and match from different stores for the top and bottom.