Pep Up Your Holiday Outfit with a Petticoat! My Vintage Style Christmas Party Dress in Yellow with a Black Petticoat

Bridget Eileen in Yellow Vintage Style Dress with Black Petticoat for a Pin Up Style Plus Size Holiday Outfit

Vintage Style A-Line Yellow Dress with Black Petticoat, Purple Cardigan and Coordinating Accessories: a plus size pin up outfit for the holidays

Happy Holidays! We had our family Christmas Party while my mom was visiting home from NOLA, this past Saturday. I don't know about you, but I LOVE seeing my family for the holidays. I love them and we all have so much fun. Some people dress festive, some dress nice, some casual. And me? I go all out, of course, because I love any excuse to do it up!

Bridget Eileen with her mother in Boston at the BPL, in our holiday finest
My Mom and I visiting the "family business" aka the BPL,
where my great-grandfather and his youngest daughter worked.
On my mom's side, there's a lot of people who have worked in that field ;-)

Why This Works a Pinup Plus Size Holiday Outfit

Yellow isn't the most traditional color, but a pretty party dress is always a good idea for a holiday party. By having the dark purple sweater and the black petticoat and belt with blingy buckle, it makes it luxurious for winter time. The A-Line cut is flattering on all figures. The top to the dress is a little tight. I would have liked a little more room there, but with a plain white bra with no padding it was fine.

I also took the time to wear jewelry that relatives bought for me. Some are now deceased, so it's a way they can be with me at the family party. Some were at the party (my mom) so it was a way to say, "Hey thanks for buying me this thing that I clearly love because I'm wearing it at a party we're going to!"

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

The dress was off Amazon for around $15 with shipping. The petticoat was also off Amazon, 2 for $17. The cardigan was $8 at Old Navy. That have some GREAT cardigans on sale and clearance right now. 

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

When I first but this dress on, I had a padded bra on, but it was too tight for that and there was a bra line, plus is barely fit over me. (Busty girl problems!) B wearing a plain, non-padded underwire bra, it helped to create a smooth line in the bust area. The skirt was very long and so I felt that it would be fantastic with a petticoat underneath. I was very right. Love the vintage look of this!

"Vintage A-Line Yellow Dress with Black Petticoat" Plus Size Pin Up Style Outfit for a Yuletide Holiday Party - Outfit Details

  • Yellow 1950s Style Dress - LTYY on Amazon
  • Black Crinoline Tutu Petticoat - Grace Karin on Amazon
  • Cardigan - Old Navy
  • Leopard Print Ballet Flats - Family Dollar
  • Black Wide Belt with "Blingy" Shiny Beaded Buckle - consignment store, NOLA (now closed)
  • Stockings - $7 at Walgreens!
  • Hair Rosettes - Family Dollar
  • Costume Pearl Earrings - my Aunt Jean
  • Costume Diamond Necklace - my Aunt Betty
  • Gold Bangle Bracelets - from my mom and her mom - my Nana