Ideas for St Patrick's Day Accessories - Pin Up Style Fashion Accessories for St Patty's

Green Accessories for St Patricks Day

Accessories for St Patty's Day in Shades of Green

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Happy Almost Spring! (Hmm...isn't that interesting, the way this holiday is so close to Spring Equinox...wonder how that happened? It's almost like every Celtic pagan holiday has it's counterpart on or near a Catholic one. Funny...)

Eat, Drink and Be Merry for Ostara is almost near! Spring is just around the corner (though in Boston, we're getting another smattering of snow, just so Winter can assert its winter-ness, because that's Winter for you.)

Green Palette St Patricks Day Fashion Accessories Details

Here are some green accessories I put together for a St Patrick's Day outfit. I made the green rosette from crocheting. The green beads and shamrocks are throws from St Patty's Day parade in NOLA a few years ago. The Bakelite green and yellow bracelet was from my aunt (Scottish side) and the spring color polished stone necklace is from rummage.