How I Styled My $3 Sundress into a Pretty Pin Up Style Plus Size Outfit for Work

bargain hunter green and floral print sundress in pin up style plus size outfit for work

My New, Bright Green Sundress -- on clearance for $3! --Turned into Nice, Comfy Pretty Pin Up Style Plus Size Outfit for Work

Bohemian Budget Alert! This dress was only $3 from a pre-season clearance rack sale at a boardwalk beach shop in Hampton Beach. It must have been a "start of the season" clearance from last year's inventory. Bargain hunter tip: always start with the clearance section first! The good thing is you find the bargains. The bad thing is you find the bargains and keep adding to your wardrobe. I now have over fifty dresses with this purchase. OMG. 

Why It Works as a Pin Up Style Plus Size Outfit for Work

I made it a comfy, pretty pin up style outfit for work with some cute mixed print pin up style black and white accessories and a cropped coral blazer in soft cotton material that I bought from Target with a matching wooden bead necklace from Old Navy. By adding the cropped jacket, it makes it more formal. I also have long black leggings on, so the dress is worn more as a tunic than a dress, so the length is appropriate for work.

Cheap Vintage Fashion Elements

Well, as I opened up with, this pretty bright green with rose print was only $3 on clearance. The corla blazer was also a clearance purchase from Target. The shoes were also Target clearance. The 

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

The zebra print ballet flats, thick belt worn at the natural waist and polka headband all add pin up styling to the outfit. 

Bargain Hunter Clearance $3 Sundress Plus Size Pin Up Outfit Details

  • sundress - Hampton Beach boardwalk store, $3
  • coral cropped blazer - Target, $6
  • zebra print ballet flats - Target
  • hologram black and white belt - Killer Trash thrift store, Fell Point, Baltimore
  • striped bangle bracelet - Claire's
  • polka dot headband - Dollar Tree
  • coral wooden bead necklace - Old Navy
  • leggings - Old Navy