Inadvertent Mad Men Style Selfie - wearing my large frame glasses inside, like Peggy

Bridget Eileen wearing bargain hunter one dollar 60s mod style sunglasses

My Bargain Hunter Sixties Mod Vintage Style Big Lens Sunglasses from the Dollar Tree 

Bohemian Budget Alert! These cute bug-eye 60s mod style sunglasses are from the Dollar Tree. I can't bring myself to spend too much on sunglasses on account of the fact that I lose or mishandle sunglasses way too much. Plus: these are so cute. I'm wearing them in the office a la "last season of Mad Men" Peggy.

Peggy Olson from Mad Men in Sunglasses at Work

But it's just by chance. Mine is for much less cooler reasons: I have a mild concussion and am trying to fend off the headache.