Boston Poetry Marathon 2017 is Just Around the Corner - and This Year, I'm One of the Organizers!

Bridget Eileen Reading at the Boston Poetry Marathon 2016

Boston Poetry Marathon 2017, Aug 18-20 at Outpost 186

This year's Boston Poetry Marathon is coming up in just over a month. And this year, I am one of the organizers, or "co-poet wrangler" as my friend and fellow organizer Andrew K Peterson calls it. Suzanne Mercury and Gillian Deveraux are the other organizers this year. We're hard at work behind the scenes getting everything ready.

The Boston Poetry Marathon 2017 event will be at Outpost 186 in Cambridge's Inman Square on all three days this year. We will have more details coming soon.

In the meantime, click the poster from last year's Boston Poetry Marathon to see my photos from Saturday and Sunday of the festival:

Boston Poetry Marathon 2016

We will have a schedule in a few weeks. Because I love making order from chaos, I'll be doing the schedule. My co-organizers are working on press releases, Twitter posts, Instagram posts and firming up arrangements for everything with the venue. We are all working on getting our invitation emails sent this week. (Gmail is being pissy with email quotas.) So, it's all coming together. I am so excited!

Which reminds me of that episode of Saved By the Bell when Jessie Spano has way too many things going on and ODs on stimulants until she has a break down in Zach's arm, "I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm" I'm not scared but OMG, girl, I can related. Too bad they didn't have Dunkin Iced Dark Roast Medium with one hazelnut, one mocha, extra almond milk and an espresso shot back in the early 90s. Who needs speed pills when there's massive amounts of caffeine to consume?

This meme is my life right now, in a nutshell.
Except I'm not scared, just bonkers.

Because I'm also going on vacation this week. It's my MFA graduate school creative writing program's 15th anniversary of existence, so we're having a reunion, up in Maine. I'm also going to reunite with former students & undergrad college friends while in Brunswick. Then I'll meet up with friends from when I lived in Lewiston, only we'll be in the Forks, Maine in a tiny cabin with no electricity or running water. Cause that is FUN. Rafting, kayaking, swimming, tween- and teenagers, mosquito bites, no showers!

I'll need a vacation from my vacation, but I can't because as soon as I get back from's time to finish packing up the house and moving all my stuff to my new place in Providence, Rhode Island! (More about that in future posts!)

Then it will be Poetry Marathon time!


Sleep is for September, I keep telling myself.