Fall Color Palette Plus Size Outfit Idea: Peach Paisley Dress with Dark Green and Brown

Bridget Eileen plus size pin up in earth tones and paisley pretty pinup style outfit for work

Pretty Plus Size Outfit for Work: Peach Paisley Dress with Dark Green and Brown, Excellent Fall Color Palette Outfit Idea

I really like combining rich, warm colors mixed with bright, light ones. If you think of the roads while driving around in fall, these are the colors of an autumn palette. 

Why It Works as a Plus Size Vintage Style Outfit for Work

The silhouette of the dress is pin up. With a nice v-neck tank underneath and a rich, warm brown cardigan, I'm apropriately covered from head to toe. This outfit is so comfortable, with the lyrca/cottm blend dress paisley dress from Old Navy.

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

My 1960s style cardigan was from a thrift store in Maine, that I got a long long time ago. The leopard print ballet flats are from Family Dollar. I love those shoes. They go with just about everything! The cut of the dress has a pin up element to it, especially when I wear the thick brown belt at my natural waist.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

  • dress and tank are from Old Navy 
  • brown cardigan is old from thrift store
  • brown belt from Savers thrift store
  • leopard print ballet flats from Family Dollar 
  • pink and brown necklace - handmade. The brown beads in it were from a broken necklace that belonged to my Aunt Betty, so it's half vintage, half broken necklace from Family Dollar. Reusing!