A "Happy Samhain!" Color Palette - Dark Green, Purple and Black Sexy Curvy Woman Pin Up Outfit (all from Family Dollar, too!)

Bridget Eileen, plus size pin up in dark late fall colored sexy pin up outfit

Dark Green, Purple and Black Colors of the Darkening Season, a Plus Size Curvy Woman Outfit with Pin Up Flair - at Bargain Price from Family Dollar

Samhain is the Celtic holiday from which we derive Halloween and takes place Oct 31 night to Nov 1 day. It's when the world goes into the wise old Crone phase, and the earth gets darker. This is what got me in the mood to put together this darker palette outfit this weekend. I liked how it worked as a sexy weekend outfit.

Black, Green and Purple Plus Size Pin Up Style Sexy Outfit for BBW Curvy Women

Why It Works as a Sexy Pinup Outfit

The maxi dress neckline is really flattering! I like that the dress is long and black though. It "works" for Halloween time. Like a witch! I wore a black bra that is a few sizes small to go with that plunging neckline, to get that fun "Bavarian Bar Maid" effect. I used three rosettes that matched the other accessories and accents. I layered the three rosettes for a fancier weekend effect than what I would do for a daily work outfit.

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

This whole outfit is all really remarkable bargains. the maxi dress was on clearnace a few years ago for a whopping $3 at the end of summer clearance at Family Dollar in West Roxbury. The hair rosettes are also from Family Dollar, $2.

The belt and necklace are from Bloomin' Deals Thrift Store in New Orleans. $7 for the necklace, $3 for the belt. The cardigan was on sale at No Fleas Market in NOLA for $5.

Plus Size Pin Up Style Tips

A high-waisted belt always helps define your curves. Plus, this flattering neckline is very nice. With the cardigan on, any lumps and bumps that wearing the smaller bra for the cleavage might make in the back, will be prettily smoothed over, if you prefer to mask them.

Plus Size Pin Up Style Late Fall Seasonal Dark Color Palette Outfit of Green, Purple and Black 

  • Maxi dress - Family Dollar
  • Hair rosettes - Family Dollar
  • Belt - Bloomin' Deals
  • Necklace - Bloomin' Deals
  • Cardigan - No Fleas