Eye Catching Vintage Style Outfit That Will Stay Comfy All Day at Work in Purple and Black

vintage style work separates in cowl neck sweater and pencil skirt flattering workwear silhouette

Classic Vintage Style Outfit for Work Featuring Purple Cowl Neck and Black Pencil Skirt, Comfortable and Flattering Plus Size Outfit

I love this simple but flattering outfit. Pencils skirts are the bees knees. I've been re-watching Mad Men lately. This is a classic Joan Holloway Harris silhouette and is very flattering for women with an hour glass figure. It's also really comfortable. I should remind myself this often when I'm trying to think of what to wear to work during the warmer seasons: pencil skirt with high waist, form-fitting top, stockings, short-heeled loafers or pumps. 

Why It Works as a Pinup Style Workwear

This is a classic 60s silhouette. Very flattering, and also very comfortable. I love high waisted skirts because, as a person with a high waist, this is the most flattering and comfortable cut for me. I barely every wear pants anymore, and that is why. Most pants are cut to sit just a few inches above your hips. My waist is about 3000 yards from my hips, or something like that. Anyway, high waist, form fitting tightish top and pencil skirt is very 1960s. Though this is Joan Holloway Harris's worst episode, plot-wise, my outfit is similiar to this beautiful one Joan is wearing in these pictures (compilation care of Mad Style by Tom and Lorenzo). 

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

I made the necklace myself. You can get a close up of this handmade necklace in a previous post. Also the skirt was just $10 at No Fleas Market. If you can find basics at the thrift store, that is a good place to get them on a budget. The earrings were also a good deal from the accessories store Claires. And my cloth headband and pantyhose were from CVS.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

As I've mentioned, a high waist does magic for an hour glass figure. Use that when you can. This outfit is two simple separates that are great for workwear. Since I'm not wearing a hair rosette, I wore long dangling earrings that are circles with polka dots. That's a very vintage style accessory. The black headband also has a vintage flair to it.

Purple and Black Vintage Style Outfit for Work Details 

  • Cowl neck purple sweater - gift from my mom for Christmas
  • Glass pendant necklace - handmade by me
  • Black pencil skirt - No Fleas Market
  • Pantyhose - CVS
  • Black loafers (not shown) - Payless
  • Black polka dot circle earrings - Claire's
  • Black cloth headband - CVS