Great Budget Friendly Idea for Styling a Mixed Print Plus Size Pin Up Outfit Featuring Plaids and Animal Prints

red plaid short dress with leopard print cardigan mixed print plus size pin up curvy girl cute outfit

Red Plaid Dress and Leopard Print Cardigan Plus Size Pin Up Mixed-Print Outfit of the Day Featuring a Great Thrift Store Find

What you have to do for things like this, in enjoy the hunt. I had been poking around Boomerang's West Roxbury location for a while by the time I got to the mysteriously low priced $3 wrack. And this beauitful red plaid dress with it's silver buttons and pleated skirt appeared. What it was doing thing, I'm not quite sure (the underlining was ripped a little along the seam. That's all I could think.) Mine is not to question why, though. Mine is to just seize the moment.

Why It Works as a Mix Print Pin Up Workwear Plus Size Outfit

The mixed print trend is one of my favorites. I like order on the brink of chaos. It works in this instance because it's two sort-of neutral prints. The leopard print cardigan is a favorite of mine. The red plaid dress and its adorableness doesn't clash with the neutral animal print. And the tank top and leggings are dark neutral colors to balance everything out.

Cheap Vintage Style Fashion Elements 

Has my Bohemian Budget Style Blog converted you to the glory that is thriftstores, yet? What are you waiting for??? There are so many gems to be found at a good thrift store. You just have to have patience, and enjoy the deep browse. That's what I did to find this dress. Boomerangs is an excellent thrift store for both its content and its mission.

I recommend going thrifting after you've eaten, used a good bathroom and been well hydrated, and have a fair amount time ahead of you. 

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips 

Both the short pleated dress and the leopard print add pin up elements to this outfit. The dress isn't one that could ever button over my ample bosom, so I wear a tank top underneath and keep it wide open like a deep v-neck.

Bohemian Budget Mix Print Red Plaid and Leopard Print Plus Size Pin Up Outfit Details 

  • Red plaid pleated skirt dress - Boomerangs, $3
  • Leopard Print Cardigan - Old Navy, $10
  • Leggings - Savers, $7
  • Espadrilles - Old Navy, $3
  • Tank top - Old Navy, $2