Truly Vintage Bridge: Throw Back to Outfits from Ninth and Tenth Grade

short blue semi-formal dress from 1990s

short blue semi-formal dress from 1990s

Bridget Eileen in 9th and 10th grade

yellow v neck 70s bridemaid dress as retro 90s semiformal dress

Throw Back Thursday: Outfits from High School - I was so fricken adorable

This is me in the early years of high school! I'm a strawberry blonde originally. This was also the last time anyone saw my natural hair color. Who knows what it is now. Probably all grey or something. Ha ha. Not really. But when I do go grey, I'm actually going to go lavender. For real. Also, I do not look 14-15 years old! As developed and mature as I looked, though, my parents didn't fret about me; they trusted me. And for the most part, they were right to. I was pretty responsible. Anyway, can you tell I like to wear yellow for formal occasions?