Boho-Pinup Hybrid Plus Size Outfit for Work in Fuchsia, Dark Green, and Black with Geo Pattern Blouse & Pencil Skirt OOTD

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up in boho and pinup hybrid plus size outfit for work in fuchsia, green and black

Boho Chic Meets Pin Up Style for This Plus Size Outfit for Work in Fuchsia, Dark Green and Black (and some sneaky turquoise wellies)

Yo, check out those shoes firstly. Tee hee, I snuck in some turquoise wellies to this outfit! ($5 at Five Below.) Anyway, this one is what I call one of my Boho Pin-up Hybrid Style outfits. The galoshes, long skirt, multichain bead necklace, and pouf sleeves are boho chic but the high waist, thick belt, pencil shape of skirt and rosette in hair (plus my Bettie Bangs) are pinup style. I really love how flattering this outfit is and the material is all soft so it's pretty comfy, too! I'm well covered, so it's appropriate for work and the colors are dark but still eye catching. Still can't believe I wore those boots with it, but it was raining! Plus I like a little playfulness to my outfit, even at work. I can get away with it because I'm one of the "artsy" people, not a regular office person.

Boho Chic Plus Size Pinup Hybrid Outfit for Work Details

  • Boots were $5 at Five Below
  • Necklace was a gift. 
  • Blouse from Marshalls $10 
  • Skirt was handmedown from when sissy-poo wore skirts in high school (for away game days, I think -- surely they don't make girls do that still, do they?) 
  • Belt was thrift store $5

More on the fuchsia, dark green and black "boho chic meets pin up style" accessories here.