My Pin Up Style Make Up Look After Watching Vintage Style Makeup Tutorials by Lisa Eldridge

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up - make up art tutorial selfie pin up style like Bettie Page, Adele and Amy Winehouse

My Pinup Style Make Up After Watching a Bunch of the Great and Lovely Lisa Eldridge's Make Up Retro Pin-Up Style Tutorials - Adventures in Celebrity Pin Up Makeup Art

With long black hair and short bettie bangs, it is only proper to brush up on my pinup makeup style techniques. One of my favorite make up artists is Lisa Eldridge. She seems really lovely and whenever I need to avoid the news and unplug from real life, I love watching makeup tutorials as some shiny happy self-care.

Here are links to the Great and Lovely Lisa Eldridge, for a variety of tips and tricks in Pin Up Style Make-Up:

The Results of Watching Vintage Style Pin Up Make Up Tutorials 

Bridget Eileen plus size pin up Lisa Eldrisge make up art tutorial selfie

Well, kids? What do you think? It takes a while, I had the day off when I took up this adventure. But I thought I looked very nice indeed. And, of course, it was a BLAST to play with make up and use my little old face as a palette.