How to Wear a Wiggle Dress for Your Plus Size Pin Up Easter Sunday Outfit: Add Ruffles to Your Leopard Print!

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up easter sunday outfit with leopard print wiggle dress and pink cardigan

Wearing a Leopard Print Wiggle Dress as a Pin Up Style Plus Size Outfit for Work, Daytime Event or Holiday Party

I've worn this leopard print bodycon dress from a few times. Without the cardigan and belt over it, it's a lot sexier and form fitting. But I think with the leggings and cardigan over it, it tones that aspect down and makes it a very nice dress for work or, in this case, for Easter dinner. 

Why It Works as Vintage Workwear or Easter Dinner Outfit

The pretty soft pastel pink accessories and accents make it a softer outfit, especially with my super lovely and sophisticated Aunt Betty's pretty pink costume pearl necklace that matches the cardigan so well. It's a balance of fun with sweet and makes for a very pretty outfit. 

Cheap Pin-Up Fashion Elements

The multi-string choker was a handmedown, so you can't get cheaper than that. But there are statement necklaces like that in a lot of thrift stores, if you don't mind rifling through what's often a messy department in a busy thrift store. I have to say though, I get a total buzz from finding treasures that way. 

The cardigan was also a thrift store purchase from No Fleas Market on Magazine Street in New Orleans. It was an end-of-the-season sale of just $5 and it's one of my favorite sweaters.

Plus Size Pin-Up Styling Tips

Wearing the cardigan half buttoned, with a belt at the top of the buttoned part really helps create a flattering silhouette and also "cutes" up the outfit, than without the half buttoned cardigan.

Bohemian Budget Leopard Print Wiggle Dress for Cute Retro Glamour Easter Dinner Outfit Details

  • Leopard print wiggle dress,, about $10 with shipping
  • Pink ruffled cardigan, No Fleas Market, $5 sale
  • Black belt with gold buckle, H&M, about $5
  • Black footless tights, Target, $6
  • Black sequin espadrilles, Old Navy, about $3 with employee discount
  • Pink cloth headband, Dollar Tree, 3 for $1
  • Black and white rosette, Family Dollar, $2
  • Fauz pink pearl multi-chain costume jewelry pearls, hand me down

Other Notes

This outfit was for Easter Dinner in 2016. I miss my black hair!