Ideas for Pin-Up Style Plus Size St Patrick's Day Outfits

wearing all green for St Patrick's day with plus size pin up style green swing dress and green accessories

Get Your Green On: Here's Some St Patrick's Day "Looks" with a Retro Pin Up Flair

I have a lovely green swing dress that I purchased from SammyDress.Com. It is a perfect dress for St Patrick's Day, if you want to get into the spirit of the day, but still have a retro pinup vibe to your outfit. Above, I'm wearing it with a petticoat underneath, a light green polkadot cardigan, a green belt and fairly flashy green accessories. I was heading up to Maine for a family friend's big 60th birthday bash/ St Patty's Party. The headband is a scarf that I bought at Dollar Tree. They have excellent holiday themed scarves, which you can use as your sole nod to the holiday in an outfit, or as an added accessory for a flashier look.

Vintage Green Dress, Green Polka Dot Sweater and Green Accessores for a St patrick's Day Inspired Pin Up Style Outfit

Plus Size Pin Up Cute All-Green Outfit for St Patty's Day

Here's the same dress, with no petticoat. It was a warmer mid-March so I could just wear ballet flats, which I happened to have had in kelly green. I wore my green beads from St Patick's Day in New Orleans from a few year's ago. For color variety, I wore a black belt with a gold buckle, as if I were a very tall and pretty leprechaun.

redhead outfit of the day plus size pin up style outfit for work in green and leopard print for sexy and cute st patick's day outfit

Just Add a Touch of Green to Rockabilly Style Separates for a Sexy St Patrick's Day Outfit

This is a super cute outfit and I think I might replicate this tomorrow, if I decide to go out for St Patrick's Day. (Currently I can't walk easily because I have either sprained or broken my baby toe. How does one toe overpower so much of one's ability to be mobile???)

First, I absolutely love that jade necklace. It was a thriftstore find, and an absolute steal at that. I think it's the kind of necklace that you could take on Antique's Roadshow, and after they tell you it's worth $800 you can then giggle nervously and say, "I only paid $7 for it!" Because the more I look at it, the more I see how pretty and well crafted and intricate it is, and marvel at my bargain hunting prowess.

Now, with that disgression over, on to the rest of the outfit.

I have a green tank top on, and those trusty kelly green ballet flats. Then I wore a grandmpa-style retro cardigan, green hair rosette, and leopard print swing skirt. These are a lot of retro, rockabilly, pin up elements for a very sexy little St Patty's Outfit. Look for an Instagram post with a really similar call back to this, I think. Though I will probably do my hair differently, to offer a change. But I like this "edgier" St Patty's Day look.

plus size retro glamour cute st patrick's day outfit for work

St Patrick's Day Outfit for Work

This outfit is more cute than anything else. The green is more of a dark turquoise green. The dress and cardgian are both from Target. I added that fun shamrock scarf to be festive, but could easily take it off and just have a nice little outfit for work, if there was a reason to look a little more polished. 

Green Accessories for St Patricks Day

Accessories for St Patrick's Day: Go Green or Go Home

I crocheted that green rosette. I can wear it as a boutonniere or a hair rosette. It's cute, isn't it? The beads are from St Patrick's Day in New Orleans a few years ago. The green cloth headband is from Dollar Tree. As you've also seen, I have St Patty's Day scarves from the Dollar Tree as well. If you're not as into wearing green, or you like to be festive but not over the top. green accessories are the better way to go. Adding them to a neutral color outfit is good for those who prefer understatement. Adding them to your green outfits is good for those like me, who enjoy going all out and over the top!