Blog Name Change: Glam Witch Style by Bridget Eileen


Photo of Bridget Eileen with link to Glam Witch Style Tumblr blog

Changing My Body Positive Beauty Blog Name to "Glam Witch Style by Bridget Eileen"

Name change announcement! As of June 2021 my beauty blogging accounts will now go by "Glam Witch Style by Bridge Eileen." This new name is a better representation of my eclectic style. Glam Witch Style by Bridget Eileen started in 2015 as "Vintage Bridge."

Throughout the years I've featured simple OOTD posts in various eclectic styles: from plus size pinup to curvy cottagecore to body positive glamour witch and many aesthetics in between.

Glam Witch Style by Bridget Eileen is a plus-size glamour witch, curvy cottagecore, body positive beauty blog.

On social media at @GlamWitchStyle - posts up weekly.